Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 (re)launch

I have decided to move forward with Ohio Cryptid after sitting on the idea since 2009. Being hand picked by Eric Altman for the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society was a great honor, but I've still wanted to become more involved here in Ohio. I have also been working on an anomalous team that focuses on ghosts, cryptids, and UFO investigations with clients and "hunts", expeditions, and sky watches respectively. This group, Ohio Anomalous Research, was an idea brought forth by a friend who was previously a part of my former group Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network. While this group will focus on cryptid cases it will more than likely get mostly ghost cases. This new group is also a co-founder/co-director role, so since it is a shared group I wanted to have something that was mine. Obviously, the cases will be investigated by myself and potentially those in either group - it's just smart to have a name/website that fits what you are attempting to attract. I don't plan on having a large group with Ohio Cryptid, but will be accepting researchers and investigators if I feel they would be a good fit to my views and share a similar vision. Unlike ghost cases I can pretty much do a majority of the work solo, but there will come a time when having a small team will be necessary plus a group outing for an expedition is always a lot of fun (not to mention learning from the experience and shaking down new equipment).

As far as equipment goes I like to keep things simple. One thing I will be utilizing, however, is a kayak that I will be using on early morning/late evening expeditions along lakes and rivers that are along known hot spots in addition to camping out. Using a small kayak can allow one to move close to the shoreline as well as look for tracks and other sign along areas that appear to be trails to water that might not be noticeable from land. I don't expect much, but it might pay off to try something unique.

Big thanks to Jay at Chum Bucket Studios for designing a new logo for Ohio Cryptid!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Update

After years of experience and knowledge in cryptozoology I held off my urge to start Ohio Cryptid as I focused on my ghost group (Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network which transitioned to Ghost Help) until I decided to pull the plug in the early fall of 2011. Since then I worked on a client-based ghost investigation methodology which spawned a book (The "E4" Method). After spending a couple of years promoting the book I focused back on cryptozoology.

In 2014 I published "Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist" which went on to become one of the top cryptid books of 2014 according to Loren Coleman. I then wrote a second edition of the book which now includes a foreword by Loren and the book is now for sale at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine (in addition to online). During all of this time I have been doing a weekly radio show (Paranormal News Insider) which went from a short prerecorded segment to a live one hour show in September of 2015.

I began working with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society in late May of 2013 after joining them during their spring outing. Unfortunately, there was a change in leadership and I have not worked with the group like I had planned. With the book I have been busy speaking at various places and will be doing so in April and May of 2016.

April 16 I will be speaking at the Butler Paranormal Convention in Butler, Pennsylvania. In May I'll be speaking at the PA Bigfoot Camping Adventure in Farmington, Pennsylvania (May 6-8, 2016) and then at the Westerville Public Library in Westerville, Ohio (Thursday, May 12, 2016) just northeast of Columbus. I have also been asked to become part of a new cryptozoological team which I will announce shortly.

Ohio Cryptid never blossomed like I had hoped over the last seven years, but I had not focused on it like I had hoped. With the new cryptozoology organization I may bring back the idea of a group based in Ohio so that I may have others in Ohio to get out into the field with. Granted, I have spent nearly two years creating the foundation for a new anomalous research group that would take on cryptid cases in addition to ghost and UFO ones as well - but progress has been painfully slow. I have also considered creating workshops and classes geared toward the various pieces covered in my book so that I can create a group of expert interviewers, researchers, trackers and investigators of strange and unknown animals. If you share an interest or desire to search for these animals using science and not like the television shows let me know through the links at right.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Ohio Cryptid

I had been holding off creating a new Cryptozoological organization in Ohio until I had the time as well as some help, but I decided to begin the slow building process while there is still snow on the ground in Northeast Ohio.

What is Ohio Cryptid and why a new organization?

There are a few Ohio organizations that specialize in Bigfoot/Sasquatch and a lot of very good investigators/Cryptozoologists that man them or are a part of them. While there is a lot of work being done out there I have noticed a couple of startling things about these groups.

First, they don't seem to work together. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but they are not aware of the findings and investigations of their neighbors. Coming from the ghost investigation camp I can fully understand how things got this way, but the cryptid field needs people working together to create a successful overview of the state in regards to sightings and other evidence to help tie things together. Many of these creatures are elusive and and constantly on the move and it will take a team of individuals and groups to help uncover findings.

Second, many of these groups are closed to outsiders. Imagine my surprise when I e-mailed not one, not two, but at least four groups in Ohio that I had interest in joining or assisting and was met with a stiff arm or was directed to their site which read that it was a closed circle of investigators. Again, being from the ghost and U.F.O. camps I understand this. You can't have every wanna-be out bushwacking the local woods causing problems while wearing a hat and shirt with your logo on it...not a good idea. My credentials were pretty straight forward with my 12+ years as a paranormal investigator, my outdoor and animal experience, etc., but I didn't fit in the circle. So, now Ohio Cryptid is born.

Ohio Cryptid is beginning as a series of blogs that will feature Ohio researchers, investigators and those who have had experiences with Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Grassman or other cryptozoological creatures in the state of Ohio, nothing less. Ohio Cryptid will serve as an online group for now as it grows with contributors, investigators, researchers, readers and supporters. Eventually, if this venture takes off I have many other ideas and directions in mind. The obvious next step will be a home page for all of us to call home. With a home page I have a plethora of plans and ideas for. Along with this will come monthly meetings, possibly regionalized or centralized, who knows. First we have to get this bird off the ground.

So, what makes you so qualified to start this?

Well, I have operated my own paranormal group, Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network since 1996. In that time I have also trained under the M.U.F.O.N. Field Investigator's Manual that they use in their investigations into U.F.O. sightings and other related phenomenon. As far as cryptid investigations go, my first one was only in 2001 and did not yield much in the way of evidence, but I was hooked. I learned from various books and other resources over the years and made an attempt to work with others in Ohio and elsewhere. I became a part of the Sasquatch Research Initiative to help as an investigator in Ohio and most recently I became the Ohio representative for the Crypto Squad U.S.A. which is the U.S. representative of the Centre for Fortean Cryptozoology based in the U.K. which is the biggest organization in the world devoted to these studies. My current home site for that group as well as my personal paranormal site away from my group is the Paranormal News Insider, which began as a newscast within a podcast that I do for the Grand Dark Conspiracy (yes, I'm very busy). I have been an avid backpacker in Ohio and Pennsylvania for almost two decades and have learned plenty about animals and their sign along the way.

If you wish to take part in Ohio Cryptid or have another inquiry about it please e-mail me and we'll get started...